An Unpredicted Purchase

Swaddled here in a blanket on this somewhat quiet Saturday evening preparing for some social-networking and hefty munching but at the back of my mind I must remind myself that work is unfortunately looming drastically early tomorrow morning. It got me contemplating what exactly I've learned from the job in the last five odd years and to put it bluntly I've learned fudge all. But I have found myself obtaining this strange sense of appreciation for aspects that you typically wouldn't expect from the position and in a true blogger's style I've decided to scrawl excessively about it. I suppose I should add if you are wondering I work in a local petrol station/news-agency/neighbourhood watch conference centre and not as Galway's premier model.
1. Good Radio. All staff are prohibited from changing the radio station. Therefore hours of RTE Radio 1 are cruelly in store (pun intended). Multiple monotonous older-timers discussing the latest government bail out deal, Anglo Irish Bank's irregularities and the latest recession hitting news. Every morning there's a crisis that I never fully understand and they all speak like they have one huge mathematical algorithm shoved some where inappropriately. All I want is some light hearted discussion, some witty radio presenter and most importantly some actual music (preferably from this century).
2. Rewarding Conversation. Fair enough whilst working in a shop you expect to encounter all genres of civilisation and you won't exactly have much in common to chatter about. Nevertheless after four hundred conversations regarding the weather you do begin to value some decent subject matter to discourse over.
3. Urgent Shoppers. Old age pensioners speed up all your perusing and please re-evaluate your entire lifestyle. You do not need to analyse each item in your basket. The bread is indeed soft enough, the milk is easily fresh enough and the majority of apples do naturally smell the same. I am a notably patient person but an hour of prodding, nudging and purchasing in a cramped country shop is just too much, even for the apples.
4. Vegetarians. I'll admit I graze as much meat as the next person but the local community are a congregation of alligators (yes I googled the collective noun). Babe the pig wouldn't last long in this village before he had a swarm of residents foaming at the mouth. Cutting meat and cleaning the slicing machine is a full time job in itself. Most settlers have the bundle of ham opened before they leave the perimeter.
5. Democracy. My boss is a control freak and when you are governed by a dictator you do envy a little freedom of speech. Her reign of terror is ruthless and the woman is one newsworthy character but that is an entire other blog post's material.
Off with his head!


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