One New Cyber Venture

Alas I'm back after my first endeavour into the digital literacy world failed to grow past its second posting. Therefore wait until I've committed adequately to this 'blog' before celebrating my triumphant return. 
I suppose I should start by welcoming you into my on-line diary and hope that by now you'll be satisfied with your decision to click on the link and not be performing some form of self persecution. This 'blog' will aspire to scribe both basic and problematic musings that merge into my life in the not so distant future. For that reason you may expect plenty of gremlin fetishes and oodles of viral cat videos to parade through the main column of this website weekly (joking). I'll aim to offer some consistency and strive to upload an entry at least once a week. Please excuse the odd (or even) spelling discrepancy and overlook a grammar blunder if one arises, I'm not a journalist nor am I a writer so if you're looking for someone to blame and release that anger onto then I'll readily suggest Mystic Meg.  I'm open to topic suggestions, recommendations and advice as all support is genuinely appreciated. Social networking hermits let us unite together. 
Shalom and a buenos dias to you.


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