2014 Favourites: The Music (Part Four)

3) James Vincent McMorrow 'Post Tropical'

Hozier was the obvious breakout Irish star of 2014, his self-titled debut conquered listeners both sides of the Atlantic, his hit single Take Me To Church soared into the top five worldwide, the singer-songwriter really made his mark and proved to our peers that Ireland has a lot more than Jedward and Crystal Swing to offer the world. But still as superb as his work has been I've always found myself more drawn towards James Vincent McMorrow, in particular Post Tropical his second full-length album.

The Irishman took a risk with this collection, moving away from the folk more mainstream singer-songwriter mark of his debut. He regularly listens to a lot of alternative r&b and that's what has influenced the majority of this record. He's challenging those electronic hip-hop genres he enjoys, managing to push himself further as an artist and content creator. I can't approve of this experimentation and reinvention enough, he's recreated a new sound on an unknown territory.

What I cherish most about McMorrow is the rawness in his work, he writes, produces and performs the entirety of the album himself. Every song feels very private and personal. These moments of intimacy grab you, I got goosebumps. You feel the loneliness, the pain and sorrow he's conveying. It's very real. 

This album does take a few listens to really get into but there is something quite refreshing here. The softer instrument arrangements, the gradually unfolding melodies, the unhurried tempos, the overall instrumentation showcase how fantastic this record is. It's a vivid and organic collection.

His voice is like something from a parallel universe, as delicate as a flower. He is actively improving and pushing his falsetto to new heights, so high it's basically sky scraping. He knows how to utilize his talents and bring the best in that pained, confessional tone his fans love about him.

There's so much more depth to McMorrow than I had thought. With his second collection he did the direct opposite of what was expected, in doing so he didn't allow himself get pigeonholed, confirming there's no limitations to what he intends to create. He has and hopefully will continue to keep things interesting. Music is an art, sometimes we forget that. 

Favourite Tracks: Gold, Look Out, Glacier 


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