Subsequent Chapter

No, I have not acquired my first cat in the view of evolving into the west of Ireland's latest cat breeding crackpot. Nor have I decided to pursue my fascination with roller-coasters by becoming a full-time adrenalin junkie. I have in fact drafted a brief list to joyride my life directly out of lazy-town (no offence Sportacus) and submit myself into a more sophisticated lifestyle. After securing an enjoyable new job, moving back up to the city of the tribes, finally completing my college application and investing in some matching socks I am now flourishing. Therefore this blog-post will spurge me on with the elements I'm deteriorating in or else may I feel the wrath of the cyber trolls.  If you're interested in what I'm aiming to elevate in (which I shall deduce you are considering you clicked into my blog) then wallah please dig in. 
1. Employment. As I stated earlier I have recently snatched a delicious new job. Knowing me the countdown has consequently activated to predict how long it will be before I screw it all up and in what manner I intend to execute the blunders in. Youngster be punctual, diligent and make me some moneys.
2. Reading. I read a lot but perusing through the sides of cereal boxes, verses on karaoke machines and home-pages of social-networks is not going to be of much benefit to me unless my Miley Cyrus tribute act gets promoted to cruise-ship entertainment.
3. Exercise. I get out of breath whilst marching down to the local fast-food restaurant. Outrageously that is even before I smell a trace of garlic and the sheer excitement causes me to hyperventilate into severe gasping of breath. More exercise, preferably non-contact sport as I've two right feet (and I'm left handed). I'll experiment into some jogging as the gym demands cash and cash is evidently for sweets. Oh, wait.
4. Befitting Nutrition. I know this point is realistically the same as number three but when you are in a position that you boil your potatoes in Lucozade and apply both butter, chicken and cheese to your porter cake then the diabetes is just a morning doughnut away (joking). Humour aside I would ideally favour more fruit and veg on my daily menu.
5. Sleeping. I cannot accurately portray how dominating my slumber pattern is. Each night I enter into a deep hibernation where I ultimately dream about future snoozes. It's almost as oppressive as my fondness for quintupled bullet-pointed blog-posts. 
I'd have went for circuiting an item filled fridge but hurray we are on the same wavelength.


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