Mosqidou is a music production and clothing company calling for the unification of all bloodlines, and the eradication of racism. 

Now, here's a funny thing. Imagine you are placed in a group or social setting. A group of different kinds of people. Different backgrounds, genders, ages, and opinions. Try doing this in the Republic of Ireland, or a similar westernised region.

While on this hypothetical tip, avoid surveying your surroundings, or methodically removing overbearing loudmouths and the really irksome from your proximity. You are being systematically unsystematic.

Bear with me?!

Speak, openly, about the topic of religious discrimination.

Go on, do it. Bring it up in spontaneous conversation.

Try it. I dare you.

Express your determination for equal rights for every religious faith living in this country. You're probably going to be greeted with a very harsh reception. You'll encounter outbursts of strong emotion and outpourings of discontent.

There is no ignoring the heaviness of today. Moods have significantly dropped. There's an onslaught of darkness present. A horrible, frightening, angry, impenetrable fog filling the air. Recent events have hit brutally, leaving us bruised with an unbearable sadness.  We're experiencing major upheavals. The tension is palpable. There's an unease pouring out of people's bodies. A pang of pain and sorrow is on display. The world is becoming a scarier place, this is definitely not the surroundings we envisaged.

We all know this narrative hasn't stemmed from nowhere. People are greased up with anger for many reasons. With worries as big as the moon, the backlash and discharge is totally expected. It's not empty speculation. You'd have to be made of steel to not be venting your frustrations in some way.  Terrorism and its aftermath, have moved us out of the realms of normality. In fact, they've veered us so drastically off our path, that we're floating further and further away from the rational, calm individuals we pride ourselves to be.

The entire situation and how best to face it is still an enigma to me. But, I do know, violence and bigotry are not answers to anything. Although, emotions are heightened, we cannot lose our grip on reality. We're entitled to get upset and angry, and raise our concerns, but it's so, so, so important that we don't get involved in this reciprocal chase. Because, the oddest thing about recent events is the degree to which it's clouded some people's judgement.

Y'see, I've noticed a particular trend lately. One, where nice, kind, normal, everyday, people, suddenly, under the guise of these attacks, think it's okay to show prejudice and vilify Muslims as a particular object of scorn. On some bullshit level, they think this mistreatment and abuse can be condoned, as if it's a compelling moral argument. Is the paranoia is turning them completely dense?! Attitudes like this, feel like a slap in the face not only to those unfairly targeted, but to anyone with a shred of human decency.  

Newsflash: Islam is not a mortal threat to western civilisation. All Muslims don't have ice running through their veins. They're not animalistic savages with their fingers permanently curled into fists, ready to pounce and make us heel to their values. These are the actions of radicals, and it's not right to tar all with the same brush, they don't all subscribe to the same tactics. The behaviours of certain extremists cannot and should not define an entire group of people. There's no powers of deduction being applied. 

Yes, on the whole it's a huge-scale horror, and it's real, and it deserves rage and uproar, obviously. But, people saying that because we have no response other than to light candles and change profile photos, we're putting the rights and lives of totally innocent people before political correctness is abysmal. Hugs may not cure evil. However, affirming hatred is a worse gateway. Because, then we're just breathing the same poisonous air. Responding with solitude and love is the ultimate fuck you to the radicals, not this beat-them-to-it horseplay some are advocating to follow.

This Friedrich Nietzsche quote showcases, perfectly, what I'm trying to say.

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster...when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you."  

Meaning, once you engage in their activities, you lose your own humanness and soul, welcoming an invitation to be wrapped up in the attackers' loop. People can become what they fight. By playing these pricks at their own game, you're conceding, and being led and corrupted on their terms, ultimately endorsing their crooked regimes. Immersing yourself into their world takes controls away. That hatred can swallow you. By thinking like them and entering a different frame of mind, the more all-encompassing your viewpoint becomes, you're unleashing your own capacity to become what you seek to destroy. 

Yes, we all want to protect each other from the forces of evil. We can do that by promoting respect and understanding between people of different faiths and of none. By bringing tolerance to the world we can be healers. We must aim to reduce tension caused by international unrest by working for harmony and peaceful co-existence. Religion and politics will continue to overlap to different degrees in different societies. Let's remain anti-war, and keep developing peace movements in response to the horrific scale of modern warfare.

The current world situation has exposed the fragility of inter-faith relations and the need for an initiative that helps faith communities to listen and build relationships with each other. There is also an urgent need to show the general public that religion should not be a source of strife and that inter-faith activity is worthwhile.

We're all just people, there shouldn't be any barriers or disparity. On this planet, we're all just wired somewhat differently. Why can't we just emphasise what we have in common instead of focusing on the differences all the time?

Our human family is being dismembered because we have been taught to fear each other. We are just scattered pieces of the same puzzle. When we hurt each other, we hurt ourselves. Keep your senses sharp and alive by thinking logically, and not getting cemented in radicalising innocent people and legitimising discrimination.

This isn't a game of splat-the-rat.


As always opinions are entirely my own, I received no fee to write this. I was sent the black Peace & Unity long sleeve t-shirt, and  the purple Leo Twins sweatshirt from Mosqidou for review purposes. They're both cute, new additions, to my wardrobe. The detail on the designs are features I enjoy. They offer a large selection, with plenty of options to choose from, it's a nice idea, of walking down the road, safe in the knowledge, that no one will be wearing the same jumper as you. 

Companies like this are a bloomin' dream to team up with. I'm so proud to work with a brand that takes ethics so seriously, and aims to challenge the status quo. 

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  1. Thank you Patrick for this excellent review! You're a very talented writer and it was a real pleasure reading every moving word.


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